Conducting Web Meetings via Instant Messenger & Chat Rooms

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I can’t purchase a Web meeting software program right now, is there any way for me to conduct a Web meeting anyway?

Conducting Web Meetings via Instant Messenger & Chat Rooms

For a very cost-effective way to conduct your own Web meeting, you can use Instant Messaging software and a chat room to bring your participants together.

1. Set up your own private chat room.

2. Use Instant Messenger to invite your participants to your chat room.

3. Once in the room, you can discuss any topics that you need to.

Most Instant Messaging software also includes voice and video chat to enhance your bare bones Web meeting. This can be a very low-tech and cost-effective way to carry on your meetings online amongst employees or friends. Be aware, however, that it is also a very unprofessional way to conduct business, so only use it in a low-key setting & with those who understand your reasons.



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