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I want the latest in conference software technology, can I find it?

High-End Video Conference Software

Luxury video conference software is available for those willing to pay the price (a great solution for Fortune 500 companies). Such advantages include flat screen TVs and high performance video cameras. Such conference software is usually state-of-the-art and includes all of the very latest features on the market to enhance your Web conferencing experience.

What conference software solution is best for my large-scale company?

TV Style Webcasting Solutions

There are quite a few conference software companies that provide high-quality, large-scale TV style Webcasting solutions. These solutions are usually best suited for company trainings, product demos, large meetings, and other big scale events. These conference software solutions provide real-time streaming and offer quality results for the large-scale company.

Can I do a video conference on my PDA?

Cell Phone Web Conferencing Software

In today's world, many cell phones pack the power of a small computer and the ability to capture quality video. A new software company, VidSoft, now offers to connect you to Web conferences via their mobile Web conferencing software. The Web conferencing software package, titled VidConference Mobile, is compatible with any PDA that has an Internet connection and a camera. You will be able to see the participants on your PDA and they will be able to see you. This is the next big step in Web conferencing software technology.

How can my team &v I work on the same document at once?

Using Collaboration Tools to Save Time

What do you do when you have an important document that needs to be added to and signed by several different members of your company within a short amount of time? Using Web conference collaboration tools, you and your team can all work on the same document at once. This will be an easier and faster solution than mailing the document to each person at a time. Such collaboration tools can come to the rescue during a time crunch.

What can I do with Web conferencing collaboration tools?

Why You Need Web Conferencing Collaboration Tools

Web conferencing collaboration tools allow you to view and share any documents on your desktop with others, as well as record and playback your Web meetings. These tools enable those in your company to complete one document together, saving time and money for the company. There are several companies that provide affordable collaboration tools for even the smallest of businesses.

Can I customize the look of my web conferencing software?

Customizing Your Web Conferencing Software

A nice feature to have available in your Web conferencing software package is the ability to customize it. For example, you may want to add your own color scheme or logo. Some Web conferencing software packages have a robust set of customization features; while others only let you change one or two things. This feature becomes important when you want to brand a Web conference as your own.

Can I use Skype to conduct a web conference?

Using VoIP Web Conference Software

If you are a VoIP customer, there are Web conference software and hardware packages available that will give your laptop computer and a conference room microphone/dial pad device a way to hook up. The Web conference software then allows you to make conference calls via different VoIP & Web based services, such as Skype, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger.

Will any Web conferencing software do?

Make Sure Your Web Conferencing Software is supported by Several Browsers

When it comes to choosing Web conferencing software, you could run into browser incompatibilities if you don't look at the system requirements carefully. This will limit the number of people that are able to view your Web conference, which can hinder your overall success.

When selecting a Web conferencing software package it is important to remember that not everyone has the latest technology, especially if you need to connect with someone in a different country. What is readily available in your country may not be as easy to purchase in theirs.

I need a high level of security, what type of Web conferencing software is right for me?

Hosting Your Own Web Conferencing Software Solution

Many large companies choose to host all of their Web conferencing needs in house. Such software/hardware sits on your company's network and phone system, where you can then use its features to conduct audio and Web conferencing.

Simple administration tools make it easy to integrate Web conferencing software solutions into any business. It is easy for everyone to share files and allows you total control over the system. This may be most beneficial to those companies who are dealing with sensitive information and need a certain level of security within their Web conferencing software solution.

How can I do a web conference on a mac?

Web Conferencing Software & the Mac User

Mac users don't have to feel left out of the video conferencing world. There are several Web conferencing software packages and services available for those who use a Mac. For example, Ivisit.com offers Mac compatible Web conferencing software that allows video conferencing, voice calls, Instant Messaging, file sharing and shared Web browsing. Finding Web conferencing software that is compatible with both PCs and Macs is an important feature to look for when selecting a product.

What is important to keep in mind when choosing a Web confrencing software package?

Make Sure Your Web Conferencing Software Does Not Require Too Many Plug-Ins

When choosing Web conferencing software, select a product that does not require your viewers to download too many plug-ins. Otherwise, you may run into three main problems:

First, not everyone may have a system that will run the required Web conferencing software plug-ins. For this reason, they may be unable to view your presentation altogether.

Second, your viewers may not be aware they need the Web conferencing software plug-in until they try to access your meeting. This may cause those with dial-up to miss a large portion of it if the download is large or if there are multiple downloads required.

Third, some users just do not like to be required to download things. They don't want to “clog up” their system nor wait for a download to complete. This may cause those who are not required to attend your meeting to skip it altogether.

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