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What is the most important thing to remember when writing a Web presentation to promote a product or service?

Have a Strong Call to Action in Your Web Presentation

If you are promoting a product, service, or company during your Web Presentation, you will need a strong call to action that motivates your readers to want what you are offering. Just like a sales letter, a strong call to action incorporated into your Web presentation will make your listeners feel the urgency in why they need to buy your product, sign up with your company, or take a closer look at your service. It will also highlight the importance and financial/emotional value that your subject offers.

When you're giving your online presentation, make sure your message is clear enough that your audience understands what you are trying to convey. The effectiveness of your call to action will determine how successful your Web presentation is.

How can I further the reach of my MLM team?

Using Online Presentations to Branch Out

There are many that participate in MLM companies; however, since you must present the products/company to your audience, it can be hard to branch out further than your local area. Online presentations can help you visually reach people that you otherwise would not be able to. Online presentations will significantly broaden the reach of your team and give you potentially endless expansion opportunities, which will spell financial success.

How much time do I need to spend revising my Internet presentation?

The Importance of Revising Your Internet Presentation

When it comes to an important paper, speech, or article, our first draft is often not our best. Although your first draft is where you document everything that you want to say, the revision process can help you clean up the flow and organization of your Internet presentation. You are almost guaranteed a better speech if you revise it at least once. It may also help to get feedback from others that you can incorporate that into your new version as well. The better your Internet presentation is, the more likely your audience will really listen to what you have to say.

How do I get my audience to take immediate action?

Motivate Your Audience during Your Internet Presentation

This is an important tip if you are leading a team or promoting a product/service. If you do not motivate your audience, you will fail to get them to take the actions outlined in your Internet presentation. Motivation will help them “see the light” and fully appreciate the point you are trying to make with your Internet presentation.

A good motivational speaker will be able to get his audience so revved up that they want to immediately sign up, buy the product, or tell their friends.

What is the best way to design my Web presentation?

Focus on the Information, Rather Than Looks

Don't focus too much on the look and structure of your Web presentation as a whole, as it will take away from the sound and structure of the speech itself. Your slides should not be “pretty” or use bright colors; this may be more distracting than anything else. Instead, have a basic Web presentation outline that utilizes a few ordinary colors; white, black, blue, and red are always good.

What if I have “stage fright”?

Tackle Your Fears before Stepping in Front of the Camera

Being afraid of speaking to your audience will only lead to anxiety, stress, and forgetfulness. This can have a major effect on your Web presentation, including:

- You could forget your material
- You could begin to lose your train of thought or stutter
- Your could sweat profusely
- You could forget to mention essential parts of your Web presentation

All of these things could lead to you losing your “hold” over your audience, which will turn a successful speech into a non-successful Web presentation. It is important for you to have control of your thoughts and stay as calm and focused as possible while on camera.

How can I get my message across while entertaining my Internet presentation viewers?

Tell a Good Story During Your Internet Presentation

Audiences love a good story, which makes telling one during your Internet presentation an outstanding idea. Stories can help drive home a message, point, or thought by making a clear example for your listeners. This is the best way to educate because it informs through entertainment, which will help your audience retain the information you give. The important thing is to make sure the story you tell has a message that is clear and relates to your Internet presentation.

How can I help ensure that I don’t confuse my readers?

Make Sure Your Web Presentation is Well-Organized

Having a well-organized Web presentation will help your audience better understand the material being presented. A Web presentation that shifts around oddly or jumps back and forth between topics could confuse your audience and leave them feeling as though they did not learn much.

You need to help guide your readers through the material in your Web presentation in a flowing fashion. To do this it is important to:

- Stay on topic throughout your Web presentation
- Use bullet points
- Use short descriptive sentences

What should I do if my audience is of varying experience levels?

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

While it is good that you are an expert in your field, those who hear your Web presentation might not understand all the facts, figures, and information that you present. Instead, keep it simple and easy to understand if some in your Web presentation audience may not be as advanced in the subject as you. Don't present too many stats and numbers if your Web presentation audience is unlikely to understand what they mean.

What is the best thing to drink when giving a web presentation?

What to Drink During Your Web Presentation

Drinking room temperature water is an important part of effective public speaking, even if it is for a web presentation. As you continue with your web presentation, you will need something close by to keep your throat from becoming dry and causing your voice to change abruptly.

Drinks that should be avoided during your web presentation include:

- Cold water because it can cause the muscles of your throat to tighten.
- Soda because it can cause you to belch.
- Milk because it can cause excess mucus buildup in the throat.
- Alcohol because it can cause you to forget your memorized web presentation or cause you to blur your words if too much is consumed.

Is practicing in front of people important?

Practicing Goes a Long Way

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. Keeping this in mind, the key to making your Web presentation a success is by practicing your speech or lecture before you speak in front of a real audience.

You can try practicing your Web presentation in front of the mirror, recording yourself and listening to it a few times, or giving your speech to a friend or family member. Using the latter, you will be able to get immediate feedback on how the Web presentation sounds to someone who has not heard it before, which could be more constructive than relying on your own feedback.

How much information should I put on my Internet presentation slides?

Keep the Focus on You, Not Your Slides

Too much text on a slide will force your audience to have to read your Internet presentation and will take the attention off of you. To solve this problem, try using PowerPoint as a tool during your Internet presentation, instead of relying on it to convey all of your information.

The focus should be on you, not the slides, for an effective Internet presentation. Keep it short & try summarizing your main points into a few short slides.

Can I use notes during my web presentation?

Leave Your Notes at Home (Or In the Other Room)

It is important that you memorize your Web presentation, rather than relying on note cards. Just as the audience will use your PowerPoint slides as a tool, you can also utilize them to remember what information you wish to speak about next. However, do not read directly from your slides or clutter them with information just so that you won't have to memorize anything. Reading directly from notes can make you sound mechanical and affect the flow of your speech. You should know your Web presentation inside and out before you step in front of an audience.

How should I manage my time for my online presentation?

Don't Rush Your Online Presentation

Explain your idea or concept to your online presentation audience and let them grasp it before you move on. Rushing through your online presentation just to fit in a lot of information will only confuse some viewers. Instead, manage your time so that you can thoroughly explain each idea in your online presentation, while still hitting on your most important information.

Is there anything I need to do before my Internet presentation begins?

Prepare Your Audience

E-mail or fax relevant data to your audience before the Internet presentation begins. This will help to ensure that everyone will be caught up on what the Internet presentation is about, what will be presented, and any background information that they will need to better understand your Internet presentation.

What if my Web presentation is not good enough?

Change Your Web Presentation if it is Not Effective Enough the First Time

If you have a bad Web presentation, it is important to use it as a tool and learn from your mistakes. Have a way to measure your success, such as how many products you sell or how many sign-ups you receive, and change your presentation if you fall short of your goals.

If you keep giving the same ineffective Web presentation over and over again, your success rate will not change. A few ideas are to restructure your speech, change the way you present your material, completely rewrite your Web presentation, or target a different audience.

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