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How can my company benefit from Web meeting software?

Using Web Meeting Software to Connect Your Employees

There are many ways a company can benefit from purchasing Web meeting software. One of these benefits is the ability for employees to connect and talk to one another from remote locations using their computers, PDAs and televisions. This allows them to work effectively together to ensure the timely and successful delivery of a project, whether they are 2 miles apart or 2000 miles apart.

Have an exciting acquisition announce? Or, is your company going through a restructuring that effects all employees? Just because the boss is based in Boston doesn't mean the employees in Madrid should have to wait for the news. If your company is stretched out across the seas, hold your meeting on the Web so all business departments can log in and listen. This is also a cost-effective way to have a company-wide meeting. A simple Internet connection will allow anyone to watch the live Web meeting and remain up to date on company initiatives and developments.

What makes someone a good public speaker during their Internet presentation?

Keep Your Internet Presentation Fun and Engaging

Your energy level during the Internet presentation is essential to making it successful for you and memorable for your audience. Keep in mind that you should be having fun and entertaining your audience during your Internet presentation. A dry, technical speech may cause you to lose viewers. Smile, remain upbeat, tell jokes when necessary, and enjoy it.

How can I further my MLM team?

Using Online Presentations to Branch Out

There are many that participate in MLM companies; however, since you must present the products/company to your audience, it can be hard to branch out further than your local area. Online presentations can help you visually reach people that you otherwise would not be able to. Online presentations will significantly broaden the reach of your team and give you potentially endless expansion opportunities, which will spell financial success.

Is there a low-cost Web meeting solution?

What You Can Do When You Cannot Purchase Web Meeting Software

Web meeting services includes features like:

- Unlimited one-to-one Web meetings featuring VoIP
- Video, text chat, and screen sharing
- PowerPoint and file transfers

This can provide an alternative for start-up companies who have few employees and are on a limited budget. However, once your company starts to bring in a good profit, you should upgrade to a paid Web meeting software program to accommodate your expanding business needs.

Is it important to interact with my audience?

Audience Interaction during Your Web Presentation

If you have the ability to interact with your audience during your Web presentation, then it is a good idea to do so. This will let you know if you are reaching your audience, how they are receiving the material, and any questions they may have. Leave specific areas open, even if it is at the end, to allow your audience to ask you questions, give you feedback, and make any comments. This will allow you not only to clarify any misunderstandings, but will also help you know what to change for future presentations.

What is the latest Web meeting technology?

Web Meetings and the UMCP

For those needing the latest in Web meeting technology, Microsoft and Intel have just introduced the Ultra Mobile PC. This tiny computer will come equipped with a 1.3 mega-pixel video camera installed, which will allow users to conduct Web meetings virtually anywhere at anytime. This is great for corporate types who spend a lot of their time in a vehicle or train, but still need to get important information to their employees and co-workers via Web meetings.

Which public software operates like Web meeting software?

Building Online Communities via Web Meeting Software

Want to build your own online community using Web meeting software? Software such as CUSEEME, Paltalk, and Yahoo Messenger allow for massive communities of users to connect to each other. These tools all include audio and video functions, as well as file sharing.

Popular websites, like Myspace.com, will soon be launching instant messaging services to allow users to communicate via audio and text based chat rooms just like when using other Web meeting software.

What if my Web presentation is not good enough?

Change Your Web Presentation if it is Not Effective Enough the First Time

If you have a bad Web presentation, it is important to use it as a tool and learn from your mistakes. Have a way to measure your success, such as how many products you sell or how many sign-ups you receive, and change your presentation if you fall short of your goals. If you keep giving the same ineffective Web presentation over and over again, your success rate will not change. A few ideas are to restructure your speech, change the way you present your material, completely rewrite your Web presentation, or target a different audience.

What can Web meeting software do for my business?

Using Web Meeting Software to Open Your Telecommuting Doors

With today's technology, businesses can now offer telecommuting to their employees. This allows them more qualified candidates to choose from, instead of relying only on their local pool of talent. By investing in Web meeting software, corporations can connect with workers who may live outside the local area, just as effectively as if they were in the same room.

What if I have “stage fright”?

Tackle Your Fears before Stepping in Front of the Camera

Being afraid of speaking to your audience will only lead to anxiety, stress, and forgetfulness. This can have a major effect on your Web presentation, including:

- You could forget your material
- You could begin to lose your train of thought or stutter
- Your could sweat profusely
- You could forget to mention essential parts of your Web presentation

All of these things could lead to you losing your “hold” over your audience, which will turn a successful speech into a non-successful Web presentation. It is important for you to have control of your thoughts and stay as calm and focused as possible while on camera.

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